Product Line For Sale

Our Freeburn waste oil heater line of products and kits is for sale. We are all of retirement age, and we need to spend more time with our grandkids!

Compared to any other waste oil heater system on the market, we beat them in efficiency, flexibility and affordability. This line is designed for farm shops or similar businesses. They are easy to build and maintain yourself, far more efficient, and cost effective.

The complete line of products is being offered for an outstanding price and value. This includes all parts, patterns and some tooling, instructions, videos, advertising, and literature.

Call us: 800-541-8910 or 509-525-5070

If you like simple things that work, you will love these waste oil heaters!

Wouldn't it be great to have a warm comfortable shop to work in this winter, without paying for fuel? Dispose of all your waste oil, used engine oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid, gear oil, vegetable oil, biodiesel, and more -- while heating your shop at the same time. These waste oil heater kits are easy to build and maintain yourself; no welding required. No nozzle to plug. Easy to troubleshoot, and we stock any parts you may need in the future.

At the heart of the FreeBurn Used Oil Heating System is our Burner Control, extensively tested to burn waste oils cleanly and efficiently. Separate, precise controls for oil flow and combustion air allow you to adjust the burn rate for best performance and the heat output you want (we had to manufacture our own oil pump to get the precision we wanted!). This is one great burner that provides thorough mixing of oil vapors and combustion air, and intense heat for vaporizing the oil. The result is so clean the exhaust is smoke free!

We have 3 models depending on your needs: Papa Burn, Mama Burn, and Baby Burn.  We also recommend 08043 Power Outage Control. During a power outage, the pump and blowers will not run, and the fire will go out. However, if you do not turn off the pump, it will come back on when power is restored. Since there is no fire, the oil will fill up the bottom of the heater and run out on the floor. With the Power Outage Control, when there is a power outage the oil and combustion air supplies are turned off until reset.