Product Line For Sale

Our Freeburn waste oil heater line of products and kits is for sale. We are all of retirement age, and we need to spend more time with our grandkids!

Compared to any other waste oil heater system on the market, we beat them in efficiency, flexibility and affordability. This line is designed for farm shops or similar businesses. They are easy to build and maintain yourself, far more efficient, and cost effective.

The complete line of products is being offered for an outstanding price and value. This includes all parts, patterns and some tooling, instructions, videos, advertising, and literature.

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(OUT OF STOCK) 08232 PapaBurn Barrel Cleaning Kit


Installation of this kit gives you the ability to quickly clean the top barrel heat exchanger tubed of any soot. It's a five minute job that maintains high efficiency of the top barrel heat exchanger, without any disassembly! Normally, with all waste oil heaters, whether it is from soot or light powdery ash, there is a progressive decrease in efficiency in the heat output from the soot or ash coating the heat exchanger surface.

As far as we know, no other waste oil heater on the market gives you this ability to maintain the heat exchanger efficiency without taking it apart.

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