Product Line For Sale

Our Freeburn waste oil heater line of products and kits is for sale. We are all of retirement age, and we need to spend more time with our grandkids!

Compared to any other waste oil heater system on the market, we beat them in efficiency, flexibility and affordability. This line is designed for farm shops or similar businesses. They are easy to build and maintain yourself, far more efficient, and cost effective.

The complete line of products is being offered for an outstanding price and value. This includes all parts, patterns and some tooling, instructions, videos, advertising, and literature.

Call us: 800-541-8910 or 509-525-5070

  • "I've used the waste oil burner 3 or 4 years, and found out I should have done this 25 years ago. It's a sweet heatin' machine that heats so good I have to open a door when the weather is in the 30's. Sir, I can't say enough about this burner kit, best money I have ever spent." - Roger S., Wapakoneta OH

  • "Larry, I attended a shop party last week. The building was heated with your product, and everyone was impressed with the heating capacity." - Sterling A., Pendleton, Oregon

  • "You have the best oil burning heater I've seen. It's simple and logical. A super system." - Pat M. Iowa "I've had your heater since 1996. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It's simple, efficient & the amount of heat it puts out is incredible. Body & mechanical shop 50 x 50." - J.C. Illinois

  • Some months ago I bought one of your 8012 heater kits. I had contemplated Lanair, Cleanburn, and other 'injector' models, but I like building things and had some barrels around. I also heard the horror stories about plugged injecters, short igniter life, etc., so I decided to buy your kit.
    I had other projects in queue before the HECO heater, but I just finished it on Friday. I took a leisurely 3 days to build it right, and I am so happy with it! (Instructions were good by the way...)
    My workshop, out on the cold, blustery Wyoming range, has a fabrication/service bay 46' x 32', with 12' sidewalls. It's got 6" insulated walls, and 6" of roll fiberglass in the ceiling, under the tin roof. I have a 175KBTU Modine LPG-fired unit in the ceiling, but it used so much LPG that I could actually see the gauge on a 500 gallon tank go down with each day's use. 
    Holy COW! Burning about 1/2 gallon per hour, I had to open the door! You really have assembled a wonderful kit, and I'm so glad I bought it from you. Not ONE regret do I have! Bravo to you guys at Harold Electric! Bravo!!! - Darrin F., Douglas WY

  • "I bought a waste oil furnace unit from Harold Ag & Mobile Products (800-541-8910). They sell the guts of the stove and you supply the barrel and flue pipe. This unit is amazing. Burns clean and hot. People ask if I'm heating my shop because there's no smoke coming out of the chimney. I burn my own oil and oil from neighbors. I just bought another waste oil unit that I plan to put into an old oil furnace I got from a neighbor." - Bruce M., Barronett, Wis.